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About Us

Geoff  Webb, Winemaker & General Manager, and all of the Black Prince staff welcome you to visit Black Prince Winery.

John Sambrook

Black Prince Winery was conceived in 2000 by John Sambrook (former General Manager of the Opimian Society) and Geoff Webb. They wanted to establish a winery in this lovely, picturesque area of Prince Edward County, a region that has the viticultural landscape to produce first-rate wines. They chose Picton, conveniently located in the heart of this bucolic region.

Where did we get the name…

We wanted to choose a name which was relevant to The County but ‘Prince Edward Winery’ seemed a bit too generic. We then researched the history of the Royal ‘Edwards’…

fine wine

The Black Prince was an Edward, eldest son of Edward III, and became a legend in his own lifetime. He was one of the most successful commanders during the 100 years war (Battles of Poitiers & Crecy) and a model of both chivalry and courtesy. He also ruled over a large area of Aquitaine which included Bordeaux, so the relevance to wine was a deciding factor and our prince was found.


So with the name in place, land purchased, vines were planted and a fully operational winery was created. Our doors were open to the public in October 2003.

Black Prince Winery, ruled by a  board of directors under the helm of president Derek Lederer, is dedicated to crafting fine, accessible wines showcasing what this wonderful area has to offer.