A Crush on a Prince

November 11th, 2010 | Posted in Cabernet Franc, event


Engine Communication folksLast fall, 5 adventurous souls from Engine Communications  in Belleville, challenged themselves to eat locally for five days. Highlights from their adventure were filmed  by  TVCOGECO  and will air November 11th at 8pm, viewing areas are listed here .

This adventurous group discovered some interesting things along the way and one of those was regarding beverages, although coffee is not grown within 100 miles,  grapes sure are and there is an abundance of local wine readily available  for consumption. 

During the fifth day of their challenge the group made their way over to Black Prince Winery for a tasting,  it was the harvest season and we thought it would be fun to challenge them to a little crush off.  Lined up in the plant they were given 2 minutes to crush as much juice out of a bucket of grapes as they could using only their hands.  A good time was had by all and the winner of the challenge was Shaun. Congratulations, Shaun and thanks to all for being wonderful sports!

Checkout this delicious local recipe Roasted Chicken with a Butter & White Wine Sauce

“100 Mile eating can be really amazing with a little extra effort in the kitchen.” Bryna Jones

Cigar & Wine Pairings

July 22nd, 2010 | Posted in event

Guys night out

Wine tastings are usually offered with food pairings, most often cheese, but on Wednesday evening Black Prince wines were wonderfully paired with something more smoky in nature ….Cigars.

 “Guys Night Out”, the brainchild of Scout Design director Rene Dick, collected a curious group of men on the deck of Black Prince Winery to puff and sip the night away. Matthew Greenwood,  The Cigar Chief, located in Picton, educated the group on the art of cigars from how to cut, light and smoke while Andrew McLuhan further enhanced the experience with a selection of delicious Black Prince Wines.

 Cigars can be as complex as wines. It’s a like a wine palate issue: it’s a taste, it’s a relaxation and most of all it’s a camaraderie with friends trading tasting information which was surely the case on Wednesday evening.

 guysFonseca Delicias                   Strength 1/5

Fonseca cigars are mild to medium in strength and high in quality. The flavors are subtle aromatic herbal. The mild sugary sweetness is extremely well balanced by a hint of saltiness. 

Black Prince Chambourcin 2006 VQA
Soft Raspberry & Elderberry Nose
Wood & Spicy
Medium Bodied with firm Hybrid Acid
Soft Tannins, Smooth Finish   

Romeo Y Julieta Petit Coronas    Strength 3/5

Romeo cigars are characterized by robust and complex flavors. Every kind of flavors imaginable, floral, nutty, herbal, “tangy”, fruity, woody, beans (cocoa, coffee, vanilla etc.), are present in abundance. the hallmark unmistakable “Romeo” style taste is that none of these flavors stands our in particular. Besides being rich and complex in flavors, another advantage of Romeo Y Julieta cigars is that they are not particularly tannic and need relatively short aging time to appreciate.

Black Prince Cabernet Franc 2008 VQA
Red Berry Fruits
Subtle Earthiness
Fruit Forward
Soft & Subtle Oak
Raspberry & Dark Plum Flavours 

guysBolivar Coronas Junior              Strength 4/5

All Bolivar models feature an unmistakable unique “Bolivar” taste. This taste is indescribable but not too difficult to recognise. Heavy “earthiness” is the hallmark of this brand. “Tangy” flavors, fruity sweetness and strong toasted tobacco taste are also present in abundance. The Coronas Junior is a small cigar which sports strength and great complexity, bolivar style. A powerful little cigar.

Black Prince Merlot 2009
The boys were given a sneak taste of this wonderfully smooth, full bodied red wine that will be released in the Fall of this year.

English Language Finalist Pairs beautifully with…

June 25th, 2010 | Posted in Cabernet Franc


by Matthew TierneyOntario Wineries and Ontario Craft Brewers have custom-matched their great products with some of Ontario’s finest books, as represented by the 17 finalists for the 23rd Annual Trillium Book Award– Ontario’s prestigious award for literature.  Each pairing was intended to match the characteristics of a particular beverage to a specific book. 

Black Prince Winery has chosen  Matthew Tierney, The Hayflick Limit (Coach House Books) the English finalist for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry.  The Hayflick Limit concerns itself with boundaries of the cosmic and sub-atomic- how the mind contains both- and the sadsack creatures in the nexus, human beings.  What does it mean to be an intelligent species? What does it mean to be an intelligent person? Shifting focus

between the limits of the telescope and the limits of the microscope, the poems in Matthew Tierney’s second collection place a premium on inventiveness while embracing extremes of fear, pain, cognition and time. 

Recommended wine – Black Prince Cabernet Franc 2008 

Humans have an unlimited passion for wine and food but are bound in time and space. Cabernet Franc is timeless, transcending the boundaries of the human condition.  When paired with lamb this combination proves out of this world – almost heavenly, touching the senses … leaving one longing for another. 

*Available at the winery, on-line or at selected LCBO -Vintages 68874 $15.95 

Let us know if you recommend this book and wine pairing for a great summer read.