Cabernet Franc planting


In 2002, we began planting 10 acres of grapevines on a fertile, sandy loam ridge in Picton, Ontario. Some re-planting was done over the last few years and The Black Prince vineyard now includes Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and some Hybrids.

deck view

We invite you to wander out onto the raised deck with a glass of one of our delicious wines and enjoy the view of the vineyard.

Vineyard - Pat Delgatto

As well as growing our own grapes, we offer wines from our vineyard partners in this lovely area. This co-operative effort allows smaller growers the opportunity to make wine to their specifications and market this wine under their own label in our facility.

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Terence & GeoffUnder the guidance of our Winemaking Director, Geoff Webb, we enjoy the experience of sharing knowledge and expertise in all areas of the wine process, from growing the grapes to marketing & selling the wine and are pleased to be able to offer wine that would not otherwise have been available.

Geoff Webb’s relationship with wine began in 1986 when he went to work for Canada’s largest wine-buying cooperative – The Opimian Society & Opimian Vineyard Trust – vineyard partners in Napa, California with The William Hill Wine Company – when Geoff got his first exposure to viticulture & winemaking.

Geoff Webb
Webb then worked for Legendary Wines (1989) until 1993 when he founded Wines By Design, importers and blenders of wines from around the globe, incl. France, Italy, Spain and Argentina. In 1999 the California partnership was wound-up and Geoff was invited to join the group to head-up a new Canadian wine venture. He chose the up and coming area of Prince Edward County to invest, plant vines and start a winery in Picton, where Black Prince was born in 2001.

From 1999 on Geoff has called upon the services of his mentor Michael Fallow (Winemaker William Hill, Napa) and Terence Van Rooyen (Winemaker/Professor Niagara College Teaching Winery) for guidance and advice, and both have helped Webb shape the winemaking program at Black Prince over the last 12 years.

In this emerging wine region we believe this type of relationship is essential to help our new industry flourish and are delighted to offer you a variety of what The County has to offer under one roof.


Labels from our vineyard partners include: Harwood Estates, Del-Gatto Estates and Hillier.

Harwood EstatesHarwood

The Harwood Estate is located in Hillier on Hwy #33 and are kissed by an almost endless lake-breeze. Fresh air, fresh wines and fresh ideas are their hallmark. They have a dedicated viticulturist that tends the vines on their Burgundian-like terroir by hand and their winemaker offers them to you as wines made in the old-world tradition.  Harwood Estates Winery opened in the fall of  2009. To find out more about Harwood Estates visit


BellaBella Vigne

Bella Vigne is located more than 125 feet above Lake Ontario and less than 800 feet from its shores passed Waupoos on the way to Cressy and The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. These conditions create a favourable micro-climate for the production of premium wine grapes. Innovative and dynamic, Bella Vigne continues to showcase wonderfully unique tasting wines. This vineyard is owned by the Del-Gatto’s, a passionate family dedicated to growing beautiful fruit. Del-Gatto Estates Winery opened their doors in the fall of 2009. To find out more about Bella Vigne go to their website at


The Hillier label was crafted from densely planted, low yield Pinot Noir grapes on shallow clay, limestone laced soils with a moderate southeast slope using traditional Burgundian wine making techniques.  The label was designed to reflect the history of the old canning labels used in Prince Edward County more than fifty years ago, when it was known as the fruit basket of Ontario.

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