Since opening in 2002, Black Prince Winery has garnered many awards and medals both nationally and internationally, all of which we are very proud of.

This acclaim would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the directors, staff, volunteers and especially the vineyard partners that have lent a hand over the years. Many Thanks !

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**Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence – Black Prince & Canadian Vinegar Cellars

Finger Lakes International (New York)     ’08 Pinot Noir VQA                        Bronze


Finger Lakes International (New York) ’12 Cabernet Franc Reserve VQA Bronze



Finger Lakes International (New York) ’11 Cabernet Franc Reserve VQA Bronze
 The Royal Winter Fair (Toronto) ’11 Riesling VQA  GOLD


All Canadian Wine Championships ’11 Cabernet Franc Rose Silver
Canadian Wine Awards  ’10 Chardonnay Terroir Elite Bronze
Canadian Wine Awards ’10 Chardonnay Terroir Elite Bronze
Royal Winter Fair ’10 Merlot VQA Bronze


Finger Lakes International N.Y. ’09 Vidal Icewine VQA Silver
Finger Lakes International N.Y. ’10 Merlot VQA Bronze
Chardonnay du Monde (France) ’10 Chardonnay Terroir Elite Bronze


Royal Winter Fair ’09 Chardonnay VQA Silver
Canadian Wine Awards ’09 Chardonnay VQA Bronze
Chardonnay du Monde (France) ’08 Chardonnay Terroir Elite VQA Bronze 
Finger Lakes International ’08 Chardonnay Terroir Elite VQA Bronze
Artevino Wine Awards ’08 Chardonnay Terroir Elite VQA Bronze


Cellars of the World (Ottawa) ’08 Riesling VQA Bronze
Cellars of the World (Ottawa) ’08 Pinot Gris VQA  Bronze 
Canadian Wine Awards  ’08 Melon de Bourgogne VQA  Bronze 
Artevino Wine Awards ’07 Chardonnay Reserve  Gold
  ’07 Pinot Noir VQA Bronze 
  ’08 Cabernet Franc VQA  Bronze 
  ’07 Harwood Pinot Noir VQA Bronze
  ’08 Bella Seyval Blanc Bronze 
Finger Lakes International (NY) ’06 Vidal Icewine Silver
  ’07 Rieslingtraminer Icewine   Silver 
  ’07 Cabernet Franc VQA  Bronze 
  ’07 Melon de Bourgogne VQA  Bronze 
Chardonnay du Monde (France) ’07 Chardonnay VQA   Bronze 
Canadian Culinary Championships  ’05 First Crush Chardonnay Bronze 


 Royal Winter Fair (Inaugural) ’07 Cabernet Franc VQA Grand Champion of Show
  ’07 Cabernet Franc VQA 1st Place -Red Ribbon
  ’07 Cabernet Franc VQA Peoples Choice Award 
  ’07 Chardonnay VQA  1st Place -Red Ribbon 
  ’07 St.Laurent VQA 2nd Place -Blue Ribbon 
Gold Medal Plates, Montreal ’05 First Crush Chardonnay Gold 
   NV First Crush Vidal Silver
Taste 2008 ’07 Chardonnay VQA  Best wine & food pairing 
Artevino Wine Awards ’07 Chardonnay VQA Bronze 
  ’07 Cabernet Franc VQA  Bronze 
  ’06 Bella Leon/Foch Bronze 


Legislative Assembly of Ontario ’06 Chardonnay VQA Official White Wine
All Canadian Wine Championships NV First Crush Vidal **Double Gold**
Toronto Wine Competition ’06 Cabernet Franc VQA Bronze 
Cellars of the World ’06 Cabernet Franc VQA Silver
  ’99 Vidal Icewine VQA Silver
Ottawa Gold Medal Plates ’06 Cabernet Franc VQA Bronze
Artevino Wine Awards ’99 Vidal Icewine VQA  Gold
  NV First Crush Vidal  Silver 
  ’05 Pinot Noir Rose Silver 
  ’06 Cabernet Franc VQA Bronze
  ’06  Chardonnay VQA Bronze
  ’05 Chardonnay Reserve Bronze 


Artevino Wine Awards ’04 Chardonnay VQA Gold
  ’04 Chardonnay VQA Silver
  ’99 Vidal Icewine VQA  Silver


Opimian Society Awards ’03 First Crush Chardonnay  Gold
  ’04 Bella Geisenheim Silver 
  ’04 Chardonnay Reserve Bronze



88/100  NV Vidal First Crush

David Lawrason rated this wine in his June/July 07 e-Report

A silver medalist at Artevino and double gold winner at the All Canada Wine Championships.  Prehaps the best Vidal Table Wine I have tasted to date, with terrific poise, minerality and balance.  A touch of youthful sulphur should dissipate.  Lovely pristine feel and apple fruit on the finish.  Very good length.

87/100   2004 Chardonnay First Crush

David Lawrason rated this wine in the October 2005 Wine Access Magazine

These were his comments “made 90 percent from Prince Edward County fruit, this is the best Black Prince wine to date, a pristine, light to mid-weight Chablis style unoaked chardonnay with fresh Macintosh apple, lemon and mineral flavours. Crisp with a hint of rounding sweetness on the finish. Good length, even-handed, and a joy to sip.”

89/100 2005 Bella Vigne Geisenheim

Sean Wood rated this wine in the October 2006 Tidings magazine

Bella Vigne’s locally grown grapes are vinted at the nearby Black Prince Winery. This Germanic variety, developed at Geisenheim, shows beautifully aromatic spicy perfume and luscious rounded green fruit flavours.  Floral character is somewhere between Muscat and Gewurztraminer.