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July 11th, 2010 | Posted in Private label

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Studio Tour Cheese   
For all lovers of fine Wine & Cheese we are pleased to announce the release of the Studio Tour Private label cheese from Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. made exclusively to pair with the Black Prince Winery Studio Tour private label Seyval Blanc.
Truly a match made in heaven! 
 Geoff Webb, General Manager
This special edition cheese is 100% county sourced, goat milk wash rind in the
Studio Tour white wine and is only available at Black Prince Winery and
Cooke’s Fine Foods.
The flavour of the cheese is slightly salty with long earthy notes and a mushroom accent. The taste of the rind watermarks the taste of the wine. The paste oozes when ripe, firm when young with less earthy flavours and restrained lactic characteristics which compliments the lovely aroma of pink grapefruit and peaches in the wine. The fruit-forward citrus flavours and typical minerality of this county seyval blanc with its balanced acidity cuts right through the creaminess of the cheese inviting another bite, starting the whole flavour sensation over again.